Wellness Kitten Food – How Much Wellness Kitten Food Should I Feed My Cat?

how much wellness kitten food to feed

Wellness is a well-respected pet food brand that doesn’t have too many customer complaints. They’re also a good choice for cats with allergies or sensitive stomachs, as they have easy-to-digest proteins and fiber-rich ingredients.

Kittens need a diet that’s specifically formulated for them and offers the right nutrients for their unique needs. This chart gives you a general idea of how much nutrition your kitten needs to grow into a healthy adult cat.


For kittens, it’s important to feed them a food with high protein content and low carbohydrates (not necessarily grain-free) because cats are obligate carnivores. This can help them grow strong and healthy, says Dr. Gabrielle Fadl, a medical director at Bond Vet.

Wellness Complete Health Kitten Recipe wet food is formulated with a balanced blend of delicious, high-quality proteins for healthy growth. Added DHA and taurine from salmon oil aid in healthy brain and eye development, and guaranteed levels of vitamins and minerals support a strong immune system.

Wellness takes great care in choosing ingredients that are naturally wholesome, and fresh meat is always the first ingredient for a naturally lean source of quality protein and fatty acids your cat will love. Flaxseeds and cranberries add vitamin C and tannins to help prevent harmful bacteria from thriving in the urinary tract, while beta-carotene in carrots is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates for energy.


Fish is a protein-rich source of essential amino acids that help cats build muscle and develop strong bones. It also contains healthy fats that support skin and coat health.

Kittens are calorie-hungry little creatures and they need extra energy to keep up with their busy lives. You’ll need a good balance of calories and proteins to fuel all their growing, playing and discovering.

Wellness Complete Health Whitefish & Tuna Pate Canned Kitten Food is formulated with protein, vitamins and minerals to meet the needs of your growing kitten. This grain-free formula is rich in fiber and antioxidants and contains everything your newest fur baby needs to grow up strong and healthy.

Nutrition starts with naturally wholesome ingredients, and Wellness takes great care to use only the best. Then, they blend those ingredients with a mix of vitamins and nutrients for optimal health.


When it comes to nutrition, it’s important to keep a balanced diet with the right amount of nutrients in order to promote optimal health. This involves feeding your cat a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins & minerals to help their systems power muscles, process oxygen, create new blood cells, build bone & tissues and support eyesight.

Kittens are still growing and need a diet rich in species-appropriate animal proteins, especially protein from a quality source like beef, chicken, or turkey. They also need a lot of calcium to develop strong teeth and bones.

The good news is that Wellness is one of the better brands on the market with their CORE line made primarily from meats and high-quality ingredients. However, their other food isn’t as nutritious because it includes hefty doses of plant ingredients and higher carbohydrate content than cats require.


Kittens have a lot of energy and need a diet that’s rich in protein for growth and development, calcium to develop strong teeth and bones and DHA to support brain development.

Fruits like sliced watermelon or fresh or frozen blueberries are great snacks for your kitten. However, they should be offered in small quantities and should not make up more than 10% of your kitten’s daily caloric intake.

Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free Kitten Healthy Chicken Recipe Wet Canned Cat Food provides the protein and high-calorie nutrition your kitten needs to grow, thrive and have fun. It’s also formulated with fruits and vegetables like cranberries, blueberries, squash and zucchini to help your kitten’s digestive system function properly.

The best way to introduce your kitten to new foods is to offer one new item at a time. Mix it in with her regular meals and keep a close eye on her reaction and how her stomach is handling it.